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Lee Hand Press

My first press was(is) a Lee Hand Press. I figured I could always use the ability to carry around a press and reload without setting up a bench. I could have bought Lee Loaders for every caliber, but the Lee Hand Press made more sense. I've since upgraded to a Lee Challenger single stage, but I still sit in front of the tube and size and decap and prime with the Lee Hand Press. The tube holds about 30 spent small pistol primers, so you can decap a box of 50 with only two removals of the shellholder to dump out the primers.

The cons of this press are supposedly that it is a poor choice for full length sizing of rifle cases, unless you have arms like a gorilla. It also takes more steps/die changes to do everything. You can't decap and then prime as quickly/easily and you have to set the press down to use a powder trickler if you want to precisely measure each powder charge. If you're willing to just use the dippers for handgun charges, you can hold the press in one hand and dip with the other.

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