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Drew my handgun in car...right/wrong response?

I was driving back home a few days ago and noticed I was being tailed by a guy pretty agrresively. I kept on driving at my speed in the right hand lane as he changed lanes to get aroud me I thought no big deal. He then lowered his window and started flipping me off and yelling at me. Me being a mild tempered guy I just kept driving ignoring him. Guess he disn't like that so he swerved in front of me and slammed on his brakes, so I slammed on mine just barely avoiding rear-ending his car. He then proceeded to get out and started yelling at me "Am I in your way now??" followed by a string of cuss words and racial slurs. He started poundig on the hood of my car yelling for me to get out so I put the car in reverse and kept saying, hey man just get back in your car you were already passing me! I stopped the car when I remembered that we had passed some kids a while back playing in the adjacent grass. I rolled up my window and stopped the car as he sprinted towards my window and proceeded to elbow the window surprisingly not breaking the glass. At that point I opened a storage space under a seat where my Glock 21 was stowed away that had the magazine in but slide locked back and I held it at a downward angle facing the car floor but high enough for him to see it. I yelled through the glass for him to "please back up and walk away!" He then stopped and continued to yell and asked if I had a "permit" for the gun and charged off in his car with my license plate number. I put my gun back in the storage space and drove off only to have him follow me for a good mile. I immediately called 911 and explained the situation and as soon as he broke off from following me I parked in my complex's parking lot waiting for te cops. I talked to them and they said I had hadled things great and my 911 call had actually come in before his. They found the guy and charged him with disorderly conduct.

Any thought? First time I have ever had to do anything like that with my firearms.
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