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That depends on your definition of "good".

Mossberg imports an over/under and sells it as the maverick hunter. It is a bottom of the line no frills shotgun. No spring ejection, no wood stock, none of the high end features. What you do get is a simple break action that functions, albeit roughly, every time you use it. Price on Mossberg site is $488.

You might find it for less at a retailer. I have one that was not imported by Mossberg but made by the same company. It took a few hundred shells to wear in the action enough to smooth out some of the functions. I have had it for 8 years or so with no problems. I wanted a cheaper gun for hunting ( I don't worry about scratching the finish or getting rained on in my duck blind). Any more expensive over/under will operate smoother and have better looks, and more frills, but they break clay and kill birds just the same.

So it depends on what you call good. ( beauty is in the eye of the beholder )
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