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Thanks Buzzcock, I am kind of getting that impression from all the posts. I think a bit of practice at targets in a variety of winds will improve my accuracy and trying different reloads at different ranges will improve my confidence.

In December I went stalking red hinds, it was a lovely calm blue sky afternoon. I shot a red hind in the neck at 40 yards roughly. She filled the scope completely she was that close. I shot her in the neck and she went down like a ton of bricks, behind her was her calf and it was at 100 yards. I placed the bullet in its chest and fired with a killing shot. I then looked for the rest of the deer and they'd moved up to a hill out at 200 yards. There was a 2 year old hind (roughly) I shot it in the ribs and knocked the bottom 3rd of her heart off. It was a good days work. All this was with a Nosler 150 grain balistic tip BT with home load. As I said it was a nice day, zero wind which builds my confidence but on gusty days it takes some skill and a little luck maybe. I wounded a hind at 100 yards a few months before and she ran out to 300 and I gave her 6 inches right in the wind aiming for the neck because she had her back to me and I hit her square on in the neck. I would never take that shot as my first but because she was wounded I had to and it was a good second shot. Practice makes perfect . Thanks to everyone's advice on here and maybe a look at a variable scope might help with windage and elevation markings will be a good help. Thanks again
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