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For a heavy duty red dot (excellent for close quarters shooting, <100yds) the Aimpoint PRO is the best value at $400. Primary Arms has a good reputation for lower cost red dots and good customer service (about $100). I have a Bushnell Microdot red dot and it is smaller than the Aimpoint so it is not as fast on target but it has worked well and is more like $50.

For scopes I would go with the 1-4x scopes. They are more compact than the 3-9x and cheaper and more suited for the 0-200 yd shooting. Weaver, Nikon, Vortex, Primary Arms, etc. should find them for $150 - $250, plus $75 for a mount. I like the Wilson Combat mount, but the Nikon 223 mount looks good too. Illuminated reticle will put you into the $400 and up range.
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