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A couple of thoughts, particularly wrt to those that rule out Glock because of its Austrian roots.
I've decided that the one true answer to this question is .... (drum roll)

Smith and Wesson K frame 38.
The Glock is very influential in its place in history but what is different in their influence is the materials used and they still built it as a semi-auto which is neither new nor perfected by them.
The American Gun that influenced the manufacturing of more and different semi autos is the 1911 .
You can categorize Glock as the father of all American polymer framed semi-autos made today if you wish, but it still remains a subcategory.

Same thing with the S&W k frame 38, its designed followed the design of the revolver. The gun that influenced the way revolver design for years to come was made by colt. Some even say the colt revolver influenced the Gatling Gun, though i have nothing on that (bet that brings up a future discussion.) The first colt revolver patent was 1838 if i recall correctly
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