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My CJ7

Haha, believe me, I've looked at every angle to keep this Jeep, but it just doesn't make sense. The Army is going to be moving me almost definitely by the end of the year (maybe sooner?) and with 2 drivers and 3 cars, it would be an expensive proposition. If it had A/C it would be extremely tempting, but since most options on where I'm moving is east or south (think hot and humid!) I just can't justify it. Guess I'll just have to upgrade to a TJ or even JK later on, lol.

It's an 85 with 33" Goodyear MT/R tires, 4.56 gears... it would probably cost more to drive it across country than it would be to ship it!! It's also got ARB lockers front and rear, rock sliders, fuel injected 4.0, axles, transfer case and I think transmission completely rebuilt, heavy duty tie rods, drop pitman arm, stainless steel gas lines.... It's a beast and has always gotten me where I wanted to go, I'll definitely miss it!

Like you said, they are always a project... the little money here and there starts to add up after awhile. I'd rather put that money into rifle equipment like building the 260 and replacing a few junk scopes. I'll enjoy those for years and years. I just bought a 4x4 frontier truck, so I'm still good for hunting and other outdoor activities.

You know anyone who might be interested in buying it? (Colorado Springs area)
The Jeep has been a lot of fun, but time to come back to my first hobby.. shooting.
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