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My first "AR" scope was a Nikon M-233 2-8x, Nikon 233 mount and rings, which worked well. But for me the reticule was never clear and sharp for some reason.

Then bought a EOtech 512. Very nice "scope", but the dot in the middle, and the ring around it, looked a little like "stars" around it. Did a bunch of stuff trying to find out what was going on, until I put my glasses on. The EOtech looked exactly it's supposed to, like in all the pictures in the internet look like it. I hadn't even mounted the Eotech... only put the batteries in and used a half hour to find out why it wasn't working right.

I almost never use my glasses and don't I don't won't want to have my glasses just to use my AR. I can't see things close up very well, but not great in long away.

I finally bought a Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 3-9x Mil Dot. That's a great scope, I don't have to use my glasses <g>, and isn't much more expensive than the Nikon I purchased.

I'm very happy with everything I have on my AR now, though I have to sell those first two scopes

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