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Lost Sheep,

These are 38 Special rounds (Hornady 38 CAL 158 GR HP/XTP) in front of 3.3 grains of IMR 700X using once fired brass with SPP. These rounds are producing about 600fps. My friend wanted some very light rounds for his wife for a Ruger LCR.

I have the seater die set to seat the bullets with a small part of the cannelure still showing above the case and am crimping (BTW, I do not crimp 223 rounds so this is my first experience). I don't have much choice here in order to match the recommended COL of 1.450 for the bullets and be able to crimp on the cannelure.

I will look carefully at the cases at each step when I load again. I did look at some of the previous ones I had sized and not yet seated with a bullet and none had the "ring bulge" on the case.

It obviously is either in the seating operation or in neck sizing.

Thanks again for the help.
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