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Do NOT order the laser guide rod. I had one for my Glock 26 and I feel it was a total waste of money. I am not sure how the sight is activated for the Beretta, but for Glock, it was activated via an widend take down tab. Basically, the laser turns on if you push the take down tab to the left or to the right. Here are the issues...

1. It is WAY too easy to accidentally activate the laser by accident which will totally drain the batteries.

2. It no longer fits regular Glock holsters since the take down tab is now wider.

3. The spring guide rod and the barrel are very close together. In the Beretta, the muzzle extends just a little further, but not much. Having the muzzle that close to the guide rod causes the laser to "fog" up from the burnt gasses VERY quickly.

4. The price they are asking is insane when there are great alternatives out there.

5. The method for activating the laser is not part of the "natural" shooting process. In a poop hits the fan situation, you will not "instinctively" turn on the laser. Now if you have a Crimson Trace type laser that turns on when you grip it, just holding the gun will activate the laser.

I ended up buying the Crimson Trace for my Kahr PM9. It mounts to the front of the trigger guard and extends to where my finger would grip the gun. Just grabbing the gun in the shooting grip activates the laser. Lasers that mount to the front of the trigger guard make it very difficult to find holsters for. I bought a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster and just modified it myself. I unstitched the regular outline and stitched it back with the laser attached to the gun.

For the Beretta, you can simply go with a Crimson Trace grip panel laser. It is MUCH cheaper than the Laser Max and very easy to install. It is a breeze to adjust the sight and parallax issues are not a problem for combat distances.

I do NOT work for Crimson Trace and I have nothing personal against Laser Max. This is strictly from my personal experience with both so I hope I did not step on any toes.
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