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my Model 36 (no dash) has it's hammer bobbed by a former owner but that's what attracted me to it! I wanted a serious D/A only combat revolver and am learning to use it.
Coming from using small semi-autos for self defense, the changeover to a revolver is like entering a new world! The limiter (5 shot) capacity of the Chiefs Special requires a different ganeplan toward use. the one or two shots more in a semi-auto's clip makes you almost accept a miss or poor hit because you know there are 5 or 6 shots left. A poor attitude but true.
The 5 shots in the Chief make you count on a "Good" first hit with the reserve of four shots, you now must concentrate on ALL "good" hits!
Reloads are slower with a revolver no matter if you use a Speed Loader or Speed Strips, it still takes much more time to accomplish than a quicker Magazine change.
The generally more powerfull .38 Special offers a wider selection of nullet types and loads with varied power levels whereas a semi-auto needs more preciselly balanced power levels to function. reliably, With a revolver you can load ball, SWC and Hollowpoint loads interchangeably. giving the shooter abroad scenerio of range andpenetration availlable.
Like I said it's a whole new world to learn! Functional reliability being far better with the revolver.
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