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As I mentioned, she had 2 years of tae kwon do as a kid, I am guessing ages 13 to 15. After that, gymnastics,figure skating, and boys were more her interests.

So she understands the basics of striking with a fist, kicking, blocking. She wasn't great at sparing, but she was good.

The 1911 is her husbands gun. The glock she considers her gun, because she is very proud of the extremely low price she paid for it. A local police department was switching from 9mm to 40 and they were practically giving them away.

The knife thing... well, I think she has a "thing" for big knives. Her husband just smiled at me when I tried to talk her out of it. In the end she is going to do exactly what she wants to do, without regard to what I or her husband, or anyone else thinks she should do.
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