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Peter Paul Mauser showed the world what a quality rifle is. To make a rifle the same way today, with modern techniques, and modern materials, cost much more than many people will pay.

The Mdl 98 has barely been improved upon in 115 yrs. FN, Zastava, Mauser still make them. Mdl 70, Ruger 77, Kimber and some custom rifles are more modern versions.

CRF, is a little more involved than push feed, but considered absolutely necessary for dangerous game. Will cycle upside down, under g's, while swinging rapidly. An absolutely ingenious mechanical innovation!

I grew up shooting a Interarms MkX, an economy rifle at the time, mid 60's, made by Zastava. I learned to shoot center fire with 30-06. It wasn't scoped but I could bust a sheetrock bucket almost everytime from 200 yrd offhand. Of course I loved it!

You can't really do much better than a Mauser, especially in modern form.
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