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Ok, a little insight needed. Did the judge just rule AUUW unconstitutional on just those two accounts? Someone was saying something about a felon trying to overturn UUW, or AUUW? Here's why I ask...

on Tuesday I go to court on a prelim, I'm a deputy Sheriff in this wonderful state of Illinois, on a felon, caught with an uncased, loaded firearm in a vehicle within reach, and with a bag of cannabis in his pocket. More then enough to charge AUUW, not too mention UUW by Felon. Both of which are felonies, and this pillar of the community needs another stay at our fine DOC. Depending on who his appointed attorney is, one is a plea bargin machine, the other fights everything, this could turn south quickly. Does any of those rulings apply to a county as far away from Cook as you can get in Illinois, or do they apply to Cook County only? Or am I misreading/misunderstanding all of it?

Thanks ahead of time!!
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