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You choice in optics deserves an up grade in riflery. I want a Sako 85, but may have to wait for it. My wife just bought me the Montana Varminter, last year. She probably thinks that should keep me satisfied for a while. I already told her I wanted a new Coonan, so I may may have to settle for that.

Sako 85 has real class, IMO. 6.5x55 in good handloads would be better ballistically than 7.62x51. To really beat a hot 6.5 Swede, would take 300 Mag or such. I reload for 6.4-284 Norma and 300WBY and 340WBy. The 300WBY and 6.5 Norma are almost ballistic twins. 50 GR. of powder for 6.5 vs 90 gr for the Weatherby. A stout 7mm is a hoot also.

If you get your hands on a real real quality rifle, your going to want one. It should be cheaper for you than it would for me, exchange wise wouldn't it? I mean for a Sako or a Blaser or such.

I didn't mean to step on your Tikka. I'm kind of old fashioned and the first time I picked one up and looked at it, I thought it was a stamping. I know they are accurate, they are light weight. I read somewhere that the bolt being hollow actually made operation smoother. If your not a snob, they are really ingenious, so is the Savage.

They must be strong enough to take it or they couldn't sell them, right. They just don't look like it.

Just my old fashion opinion, but if you want the best start looking at Sakos and stuff.

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