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Ok , after being at work all day and coming home to so many replies....well thanks everyone for your input.

Clearly I have a lot to learn!!!!

I should have been a bit more clearer on my question. I know the 7.62 is a 30 cal round but I was looking for a faster flatter trajectory with a little bit more punch. With the 308 I used to use 125 grain shop bought but I have now moved up to 150 grain reloads to try longer shots. On a normal day stalking your dealing with wind in Scotland so the heavier round helps.

The Tikka t3 is a good rifle and I love it. I'm not saying I don't but I have an itch to buy an addition to the family

My father has a 270 already so that wasn't really my fancy. The furthest shot I have taken with the 308 is about 200 yards. A lot of people on this thread have said the Tikka is a top rifle....have I been spoiled by buying the best there is already .....

I have a classic Schmit and Bender on my rifle 8x56. Maybe up grading the scope would help....I'm not sure that's why I'm here asking if I'm honest. Any advice is much appreciated
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