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I think he is refering to a cartridge conversion on your revolver.

I don't know much about conversions but we are talking about going from cap and ball configuration to a cased round such as .38, .38 special, or .357 magnum for your .36.

The temptation is to use smokeless powder cartridges and it is my understanding the such rounds pack too much of a wallop for the brass frame on that revolver.

In fact, you can have more money in a revolver and conversion than you would pay for an equivalent cartridge revolver (1873 Colt or 1875 Remington clone) I have paid as little as 250.00 for a used .357/.38 Peacemaker look-alike and I love it. Trouble free. And it is made for the round, not converted to it.

Having said that, there are plenty of folks out there who love conversions and feel that a good range of historical revolvers must include a conversion since they have a historical prototype.

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