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I bought an early 442 back when they first came out (non+P). I'd previously carried a Colt Detective Special as an off-duty weapon and liked the smaller size and enclosed hammer which allowed for pocket carry and the ability to shoot through a garment.

Since then, I've tried the Glock 26 and 36 as well as the Kahr PM9. I've come back to the 442 time and again. I carry IWB with an Uncle Mike's. An earlier poster mentioned the fact that in a stress situation, you don't have to think with a revolver in quite the same way as with an autoloader.

However, in spite of the general internet gun board dismissal of the .25, most of the time I carry a Beretta 950BS in a Mika pocket holster loaded with nine rounds of hardball. This is a set-up that's a no-brainer to carry. Everything else has always been a nuisance especially since I'm no longer in law enforcement and live in another state from where I was a LEO.
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