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My first rifle was chambered for .22 short only,,,

It was a Winchester pump action,,,
Model 189? and had a long octagonal barrel.

As a kid with a 50-cent a week allowance,,,
.22 short cartridges were my friend.

"Doc" at the gas station would sell me 5 cartridges for a dime,,,
That meant I picked up 5 pop bottles from the roadside,,,
Then I was set for a bunny hunt in the fields.

The .22 short rarely stopped a rabbit in it's tracks,,,
But more often than not they didn't get far.

That rifle was very accurate,,,
Dad could light kitchen matches at 25 yards,,,
It was easy to hit tin cans at 50 yards or even farther if rested.

They used to be cheaper than .22 LR,,,
I remember paying 45-cents a box in the early 1960's,,,
At that same time a box of .22 LR was going for 85-90 cents.

I keep some around now for the armadillos and possums,,,
I live in a small rural town and no one has complained to me as yet,,,
Out of my CZ-452 Special Military Trainer they seem no louder than a pellet rifle.

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