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New to semi auto pistols...

If you are new or entry level with firearms. I highly suggest buying a new in box(NIB) or a LE trade-in DA only hammer-fired pistol. 9mm, .40 or the .357sig(my top choice for protection-CC).
A SIG Sauer P229R DAK(Double Action Kellerman) or the larger P226R DAK could be purchased in both .40 and/or .357sig.
Some brands also have kits or after market .22LR slides/barrels to aid training-plinking.
Spurless/stub type hammers prevent snags or jabs & carry better.
You also avoid the false/unfair claims you may have been reckless or fired in a panic in a critical event.

As posted, for a new semi auto, check out the PX4 C, the SD40 or SD9, the Walther PPX, the HK P2000 LEM or HK45 compact(LEM or Law Enforcement Modification).
See; .
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