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I don't want to offend anyone of this forum, but I have to say that IMO, Tikkas are far from top of the line rifles. They are cheap and overpriced.

I will admit that I'm a rifle snob, I will only own rifles of certain criterion, I own two Weatherbys, 340WBY, and 300WBY, Cooper, Ruger 77. All of these meet certain requirements, They are solid bolts, receivers machined from a solid billet, and integral recoil lugs. Many of the most popular rifles don't possess these qualities. REm 700 Tikkas, Savage and even Browning have cut the corners to increase profits. They don't have solid bolts, most have receivers made from drilled out bar stock, and washered recoil lugs, and alloyed, fused, or hollow bolts. Yet they all have reputations for accuracy and reliability.

I once, like 1976, thought that my MDL700, 7mag was all there was. My uncle a gunsmith and Methodist minister, educated me about the way things really are. He said " What do think John Moses Browning, or Peter Mauser would say if you handed them a MDL 700 or a Tikka, nothing, the next sound you would hear would be the sound of them hitting the bottom of the dumpster" I rather resented it at the time. My late uncle left me a late 60's Weatherby MKV Deluxe,340WBY, a real work of art. I sold my Remingtons, and now own only Weatherbys, Coopers, and Rugers.

I don't mean to say that other less costly rifles are useless. Only don't confuse CNC machined accuracy with real quality. REm, Tikkas, Savages and Brownings are all perfectly serviceable, hunting tools, just call them what they are.

I have extensively examined Tikkas at several stores here in MT, and I just don't like some features they have or don't have. Like I said the receiver is drilled bar stock, the ejection port is much too small, the trigger guard, magazine are plastic, the recoil lugs are washers, and one size bolt fits all. At their price you could have a much more solid rifle IMO. They do have a very good trigger and a good hammerforged barrel. I think they should be no more expensive than a Marlin XS,or XL, Ruger American, Or Thompson Venture, or Howa-Vanguard.

I know that some will resent this rant, but I believe everything I said is true.
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