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I am a fan of snubs and a fan of small autos. My snubs include a S&W 442, Taurus 85CH, and a Rossi 452. If you count a 3" K-frame as a snub, I also have a S&W 65LS. My small autos include a Taurus PT 140 Millennium Pro (a bit big for pocket carry, but comparable in size and weight to a steel J-frame and nicely concealable), a SIG P290RS, a Kel Tec PF-9, and a Ruger LCP. I'll probably order a .40S&W or .357SIG subcompact caliber X-Change kit for my .45ACP SIG P250 Compact when I finally have it (I've bought it, MD "only" has a 7 day waiting period, but with the run on guns MD State Police have been taking a month or more to do the background checks and they have directed local FFLs not to release any guns until the background check comes back).

I used to carry the 442 or the Taurus 85CH about 80-90% of the time when I was in a state where I can carry. Since I bought the SIG P290 and the Kel Tec PF-9 the SIG gets about 70-80% of the carry time. If I find those numbers don't change once summer gets here (summer is pocket carry weather for me, and the 442 is very well suited to pocket carry) I'll probably sell off the 442 and the Rossi (I'll never sell my 85CH, even if it turns out I rarely use it).

Why have the small autos (especially the SIG P290) beaten out snubs for me? Because they are easier to shoot and practice with (less felt recoil) so I can get more range time in and thus I shoot them better. Because, with less felt recoil, I can get faster follow up shots accurately on target should I need them. Any auto I use for self defense has proven itself quite reliable (my PT140 had one ammo related malfunction in about 2K rounds, my P290, LCP, and S&W 1911SC have had none, my CZ75B which occasionally does HD duties has had over 10K rounds through it and I can the number of malfunctions on one hand, though my PF-9 is still in the testing phase since it had one its first time at the range). IWB they actually conceal better, and while the 442 does better in a pocket than my autos (other than the LCP), the LCP, PF-9 and P290 do conceal well in my pants pockets. While .380 has comparable power numbers v. .38spl in a short barrel (and with the bullet designs available .38 probably does a bit better), 9mm is much more powerful than .38+P. Yes, .357mag out of the Rossi would be more powerful, but it would make the range practice/ability to become more proficient and the follow up shot advantages of the 9mm even more pronounced. Finally, even if power actually was the same, 7+1 rounds in the PF-9 (assuming it proves reliable enough to carry), 6+1 in the P290 (8+1 with the extended mag which works well IWB, though not so well in the pocket), and 10+1 in my PT140 and future .40S&W/.357SIG P250 subcompact (or 12+1 in a 9mm) is much better than 5 rounds out of most snubs (6 in the Rossi).
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