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Just got back from Academi. Took the Street Officer Surival Course, three days and covering some pistol work, half a day with patrol carbines, and almost a full day of active shooter training.

This course is restricted to active LE only, but they offer all types of training for every walk of life. Numerous US and foreign military and police units there.

Top notch, the best training facilities I have used or seen. They have every type of range you could think of. We used two ranges the first two days. Both had steel targets (fixed and moving) and turning paper targets. Laptop programable, so they could alter your string of fire or situation on the fly.

Also did some low light shooting on a Rogers Range (steel plates). If you have never shot on one, it is very humbling. Multiple steel plates that appear and hide from behind cover, can be all at once and random. Also fully controlled by instructors so they dictate what targets and how many present to you.

Carbine range was similar to the pistol range we used the first day, steel movers and fixed steel. Paper turners, and multiple kinds of cover.

Active Shooter training was done in a mock street setting and mock school/office setting. Kind of like a combat town. But they cut no corners, using flash bang grenades and shooting blanks like it was going out of style to simulate an active shooter. They employ full time role players that were great. They had five or six role players playing victims and bad guys, unreal. They did a great job playing the part of victim or bad guy. Simunition guns were used and multiple scenarios were run through. It was amazing to me how quickly things can go bad in the noise, confusion, and stress. I have had active shooter training in the past, but never as realistic as this.

Challenging and top notch. They walk you through the basics ( we kinda started out running because in theory most cops should be able to shoot the basics, the guys in the class with me were fine and had the basics down pat). Then they show you ways to improve your accuracy or your speed or smoothness, whatever they pick up on that you could do better. They show you their way and can demonstrate that their way works better, smoother and easier. I found the way they taught you to operate a pistol was indeed the smoothest and best way to go. Same with a carbine. The class was nine cops and two and sometimes three instructors. Very close supervision/training. They were able to spend time with you and work out your kinks.

They also conducted a medium shoot to see what would stop a bullet and what would not. We shot cars,block walls, and body armor. Amazing what a rifle bullet will sail right through. Pick your cover carefully, rifle and even handgun bullets go through a lot of stuff.

The instructors were great and knew their course and had the resume' to back it up. Very personable and knowledgable. The facility is very big, so they have a mobile supply truck they can call for more ammo, or targets, or whatever. They also have an armory on site that can repair your gun if it fails, or loan you a gun to use during training. One officer from PA had a gun fail on day one and would have been out of the rest of the class. The instructor called the armory on radio and five minutes later a truck showed up with a loaner Glock 22 and training went on. Very nice to have.

The facility has a chow hall that is very nice and prices were low ($6.00 for lunch). They have a bunk house or "hotel" you can also stay in while training. I stayed on site when I took a carbine class in 2009, and will never stay there again. The place is nice, no problems with it. Except the bunk/bed is made for someone 5'10" tall or shorter. I am 6'4" and didnt sleep for three nights when I stayed there. I would suggest staying in Chesapeake VA and driving in every morning. I had a nice room and was only 20 minutes down the road. If you are shorter than me, you will be fine.

Overall I would say the training was top notch, the instructors were top notch, and the facilities were by far the best I have ever used.

If I left anything out, just ask and I will post it up.
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