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Remington .223 Question

I was at Dicks Sporting Goods today trying to get some .22 ammo. While there I also got some Remington 55 grain MC .223 ammo that they had to shoot in a buddies gun next time we go shooting. I opened the box which appeared to be sealed on both ends by some sort of glue or something just to look at the ammo. Upon opening it I noticed 18 cases had the normal gold colored primers and 2 had silver colored primers. All of the brass had the RP headstamp. I also noticed a ring around the bullets on all of them almost like a seating die sometimes leaves. Did Remington somehow get reloads mixed in here? Or are they just using whatever primers they can scrounge up right now? I just thought it was odd, but being that it was from Dicks and the box appeared to be sealed prior to me opening it, it seems unlikely that they would be reloads, but I'm wondering if I should shoot them?
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