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If you are not used to drawing from a holster and re-holstering, do some practice at first with an unloaded gun. Best if you can have a buddy watch you. You want to make sure that you are not getting you support hand in front of the muzzle. It's easy to do if you need to get clothes out of the way to re-holster.

Also, pay attention to where your support hand is while drawing. It's possible to put your support hand out in front of you before the gun gets there--possible but bad. You might want to go through a few dozen draws standing in front of a mirror, going in slow motion. If you have a video camera you can put on a tripod, you can self-evaluate.

Just be sure you can safely draw and re-holster before you try it with ammo in the gun.

Oh, and when you get to the event, tell the range officer that you're new; he'll watch you carefully to make sure everything is safe.
I actually did do that and practiced mag changes for about 30-45 minutes or so when I got it.

I went last night and did fairly well for my first time, or so I think at least. A really good group of guys there.

Only problem I had was with the holster. The gun would not go all the way into it and if it was forced in like it should have been it was nearly impossible. to get it out. It actually took me hitting the holster with something to dislodge it. I thought maybe it was just me and it was still pretty secure with it not in there the entire way, the trigger just wasn't covered. Someone there noticed it last night and said something to me about it. When I showed them what I was talking about they couldn't even get it out no matter how hard the tried and even with two of them pulling on it together and one of them is actually an instructor so it wasn't just something I was doing wrong.

It didn't much matter anyway too much last night since of course everything had to be completely empty unless you were on the line and they wouldn't have let me draw from the holster anyway since I was new. They did tell me to make sure I get a new one before coming back though.

Already processed the return with Amazon and that will be going back Monday. So now I am back to square one. What else can I get that will be about the same price range as the Fobus? I don't really want to spend too much at this point yet. I wouldn't be opposed to any generic fit ones that would work decent either.
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