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Much ado....

If you live in a "open carry" or 2A supporting area, I'd say live & let live re; holsters/carry options.
I don't really get how some license holders & armed citizens fret over other people's weapons/holsters/gear.
Some systems or methods work better than others but Im not going to be a safety nazi over it.

Years ago, while working on a armed security detail at a chain hotel in a urban area, I had a major call that required several sheriffs office deputies.
As I turned & followed 2 higher ranking sheriff's office supervisors, I heard a young rookie patrol deputy yell; "WATCH OUT". The 2 seasoned, veteran cops turned around scowled at the young deputy & their facial expressions were like; "REALLY?!?" "Are you serious?".
Thinking of that event always makes me grin.

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