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My advice...

I read the member topic post 2 times & I'm not 100% sure what exactly the meaning is but FWIW, I'll post a few decent suggestions for a regular concealed carry pistol.
I'd highly suggest a DA only, hammer fired design or if you feel able to shoot/carry it, a striker fired system.
I'd prefer the .357sig for regular carry. It feeds great, has a high KE level & is match grade accurate with most factory made defense loads.
The .357sig is in wide use by US police agencies like the FAMS(air marshals), US Secret Service, Texas DPS, VA state troopers, NM State Police.
The .40S&W, 9x19mm(9mm Luger) and the .45acp are fine too.
Good semi auto models to check include: the new Walther PPX, the PX4 Storm C(constant action), the HK P2000 LEM, the HK45 compact LEM, the Ruger SR40 or the SR45, the XDm full size, the SIG P229R DAK or P226R DAK. The P220R DAK would be good if you want a .45acp. The new P227R pistol may be in the DAK format but SIG may wait to roll that out. The S&W M&P line & the no frills/SD40 pistols are a solid choice. Many PDs are converting to SIGs or M&P sidearms.
Night sights(3 dot) or Novak style are worth adding. Always use factory made high quality ammunition too. No reloads or hand loads.
Tote at least one spare magazine too.
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