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Okay, I will try. For the money, I'd look for a used left handed Wingmaster. I just greatly prefer the ergonomics of the Remington. For a lefty, the regular BPS is another fine pump. A bit more robust than a 37 which is good with stout loads. I had 3 and never a single bobble. But, I could never grow to love the having to load through the bottom and magazine for a FAST additional shot. That turn it over and jiggle crap doesn't get it with geese leaving the decoys, and I wouldn't think it great in a home defense situation, although if you really think you might need additional rounds fast for real honest HOME DEFENSE I think I would look at moving even before buying a shotgun. There is nothing wrong with the Ithacas, but I just never "got it" where the devotees are coming from. I have shot a slew of them. It's a pump gun, not a Purdy.
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