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"Yes, I do. Because it is utter nonsense. Trigger time with deliberate intent builds skill. Period. The .22LR accommodates a lot of trigger time for very little money. Recoil is but one of many factors but far from the only or most important. A deliberate shooter (deliberate as in not just mindless blasting) can build a lot of shooting skill with .22's. Overall familiarity, reloads, sight picture, trigger control, point shooting, shooting from leather, etc.. All these things can be learned with a rimfire. IMHO, anyone who thinks otherwise, is probably not much of a shooter. A lifetime of shooting and a couple hundred thousand rounds downrange has made this painfully clear to me."

Shooting .22's, instead of the specific pistol to be used for SD, etc. is ONLY good for practice of shooting FUNDAMENTALS. If you are as experienced as you indicate, you would most assuredly know that. I did not, by the way, say that shooting .22's is useless, or anything of the sort. But, the ONLY way to fully build experience, capability and confidence with a pistol (or any other firearm that will be used for a specific purpose) by using THAT particular firearm. That is, in terms of going BEYOND the basics, which is the point of this discussion. Competition shooters don't practice with their little 22's, because they cost a few cents less to shoot....and ignore the hardware that they will actually use for competition, any more than accomplished "combat" shooters do. It is absolute BALONEY to suggest otherwise.

IF, newfrontier45, you have as much experience as you seem to proffer....and IF you are in fact not just "not much of a shooter" ....then I would think THAT would be "painfully obvious" to you, too.

In any case, I'll go back to my original statement. The OP sold his .22 because he wanted to - and he owes neither you, nor anyone else, any explanation. Yes, he asked for opinions. You gave yours....and I've given mine. So be it.

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