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Ok, since this thread is still going, I'll editorialize a little.

It's true that if the shooting ends (or never gets started) and things turn into hand-to-hand, having a knife will be handy. However, if the confrontation turns out to be a gunfight it's best to maximize your effectiveness as a gunfighter. Holding something unrelated to gunfighting in your off hand instead of using your off hand to improve your accuracy and speed your followup shots isn't really a great strategy.

Having a knife handy is smart, as is having a flashlight. However, carrying the knife around in your hand the whole time you're in a defensive encounter even when there's no need, makes as much sense as carrying your flashlight around in your hand the whole time in bright sunlight.

Having it readily available makes a lot more sense than pre-strategizing that you will always be holding it in your hand.
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