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Good post with IMO some very insightful comments. But I think there is more to it than simple greed/economics. What we are witnessing as I see it is absolute paranoia about the future of the Country as we know it which renders logic null and void--People genuinely feel as though their Constitutional rights are being at the very least "compromised" and prepare accordingly before the 'party is over.' As you stated, sure there are people who will seek to profit absent any conscience or ethics whatsoever but that has been the case since biblical times (not to condone of it but such is the ugly side of human nature).

We are living in some of the most turbulent times in the Nation's history with no apparent indications of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Honestly, if you even objectively look at the events taking place in Washington with the DHS Domestic Military Buildup (for what...? I rhetorically ask), Congressional, Executive (and State) push for unprecedented Gun-Control (I mean a Shotgun defined as an "Assault Weapon" ), a downward spiraling economy, a world on the precipice of War, Inflation (Electric, Gasoline, Food), Medical Costs, etc. etc. etc. is it really any wonder why people are "in the buying mood."

That said, I hope I am 100% proven wrong and things within this (IMO once great and proud) Nation improve to heights never before seen!
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