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Originally Posted by AK71
3) I'm 6'2 and don't really like subcompact guns because they feel wrong. Compacts are probably fine but might need an extended grip if my hand extends much below the bottom.
A commander sized auto might solve that problem.

2) I have an XD9 that works well, but I have nothing to compare it to. I would be perfectly happy to make it my only gun but it seems less than ideal for EDC. And in truth I am becoming obsessed with all these great guns you guys own and want a new one!
IMO I see some value in only one EDC gun except its not practical to have only one, different situations require different dress which require different guns.... if you want to carry all the time. Since your becoming obsessed with more great guns you might consider investing in the same platform or action....

That said I do tend to favor only one for EDC, I've had the same favorite since 97 and have no plans to change.
also, FWIW if the XD9 works for you I don't think you need to compare it to anything. Master it.
lightweight, cheap, strong... pick 2
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