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Kudos to southjk for 'fessing up to being 'part of the problem', in his own words. You're right, south, we are our own enemies.

I had a pm chat on another forum with a member who was griping that he had "only" been able to pick up 3000 rounds of the caliber we were discussing, which made me wonder what he considered a sufficient supply, since I have "only" about 1200 rounds of the same caliber. I once had 1400, but in the course of breaking in my FN Five-SeveN (My secret's out! OK, we were on a 5.7mm ammo forum) I fired 9 magazines through her, i.e. 180 rounds. And between setting out targets and reloading magazines, it took the better part of 2 hours. Adding in travel time to & from my "range" (the in-laws' back 40), packing up before & after, and cleaning the weapon, let's call it 4 hours.

I'm lucky if I can find 4 hours to devote to shooting more than once every 6-8 weeks, so on that basis, the ammo that I have left should last until about this time next year- if I only shoot the 5-7 (and I'm going to shoot my 357 SIGs at least every other time anyway) and if I shoot 9 full mags every time (which I won't, my thumb gets tired reloading).

So I feel my 11 boxes of Vmax 5.7mm and 14 boxes of FMJ are going to be plenty to meet my needs- so much so that I'm selling some on to a friend who hasn't been able to find any.

I had a point when I started out here.... Oh yeah. We shooters like to say we are a community, but we often don't act like it. Individually, we have a tendency to look out for #1 more than we want to admit. I'm not criticizing you personally, south, honest I'm not, because really the quantities you mention aren't so much and I'm sure you get out and shoot more than I do- probably a lot of people do. But the point has been made on this thread that there are people who live by cruising the online suppliers, buying 15-30000 rounds at a time, then reselling for 3x profit.

Is this supply and demand capitalism, or is it predatory behavior? I know which way I'm leaning, but everyone has a right to their own opinion. I just know I have infinitely more respect for those individuals (not talking about actual business owners here, obviously) who buy ammo/guns/etc to keep and use for themselves, than I do for the money-grubbers who want to profit from their brothers' sweat.

On that topic, last year I needed to raise some quick money, so I sold a 9mm SIG P239. One friend at work, whose eyes lit up when I told him what I was looking to sell, offered me $300 cash for it. Another offered me $150 and, when my eyebrows went up, told me he had to give me a price where he could make some money when he re-sold my gun. Guess who I sold to. And he LOVED that gun.
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