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Throat, muzzle and crown on CMP M1's

My service grade M1 came with an inspection tag that says the muzzle reading is 1+. Throat reading is 1+.

What does this mean?

I also note the crowning at the muzzle is pretty rough.
I only got 2-3" BR grps at 100 yds. This could be the ammo(civ 150 gr) or me. The groups moved nicely with sight adjustments and I'm still learning the gun.

Still, the crown looks quite raggedy. I'm tempted to clean it up my self with a hand drill and a small grinding ball. I've done this myself previously, but on muzzles that likely didn't need it anyway. The ball pretty much self centers and I turn the rifle periodically. Of cse, I go slowly and lightly.

Would CMP let an inaccurate crown out on a service grade?

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