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Welcom aboard !!!

Thinking about getting a Hawkens just for target shooting (bench).
What a great question and you have a bunch of great guys, in here, that can help you all the way. If you are going to be on the bench, then I'd get a .45 or .40 if you can find one. Most of what you will see, have fast twists, in the 1:48 range but I prefer the slower twist for round ball. The biggest point, is to check the bore with a Bobber-Light. Light rust or dirty barrel is not a big problem as they will clean out and shoot just fine. When looking down the bore, make sure it's still deep and all the way to the crown. There are many bore with no sign of rifling, in the crown area. Check your nipple/snail or drum /nipples areas to make sure that there is no excessinve pitting. Pitting in these external areas are an indication of trouble in the bores. Take time for a good visual inspection. Let the gun talk to you as it will reveil it's conditon. ...

If it's an older one, really check the operation of the lock as the tumbler and sear, may be worn. .....

More to follow and
Be Safe !!!
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