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You are I think being misled on the term of "CC Gun"

I myself picked up a .40 Stoeger Cougar which is a full frame gun. That being said I plan on using it for CC, I am only 5'8" but I like the "feel" of the full size guns, and after doing a lot of reading and spending the past 2 months in the company of these fine gents, I have realized it is easier than you would think to CC a full sized gun. Granted mine is "full frame" but only 3.75" barrel. I like the feel, it shoots better than I do, but it fits ME.

If you like the XD9, then keep with it. You really need to define WHY it doesn't seem "CC". I personally do not like the look of the XD's, and I did not have the budget for one, but they seem to be very reliable and well developed. If I had that as my only gun I would be using it to the best of my ability and be happy with it
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