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Probably a long shot but do you have any idea what nipple wrench fits? They are not peened so I don't think it has been dry fired so hopefully those will be good to go for a while. I am assuming they take #10s.

While I'm at it I thought I might get some opinion on preferred FFFG powders. I have used Goex but I was wondering what others thought of that versus Swiss or Schuetzen? Six of one, half a dozen of the other?

What about wads versus grease or wads plus grease or just grease? Also filler with a light load or not necessary? I always heard that extra room in the front didn't hurt anything.
Howdy Wood3

Just about any revolver nipple wrench will fit it. They can be had a Bass Pro, Cabelas, and numerous other BP suppliers (Possible Shop, Log Cabin Sport Shop, Dixie un Works, etc). You might even find one at wally world. #10 Remington caps will moe than likely fit the nipples and fire just fine. CCIs may not.

Use of Goex, Schuetzen, Grafs or Swiss usually boils down to preference and availability. For informal plinking, it's 6 of one, half dozen of the other. If you decide to use T7, you shouldn't exceed 15 grains. With real BP, you shouldn't exceed 18 grains.

My preference is lubed wad between the powder and ball. I find my revolvers stay cleaner and are easier to clean that way. Grease over the ball is too messy IMNSHO. Use a good thick BP lube liberally on the arbor. That more than anything will keep the pistol running and prevent theclinder from dragging or seizing up. Bore Butter is good, TC1000, or any of the beeswax based home made lubes are good as well.

By all means, have fun with it.
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