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More on Maryland SB 281

Today's update from Delegate Dwyer:

Defending the Second Amendment in Maryland
Dear Defenders of Liberty:

We have confirmed that SB 281 will be voted by the Joint Judiciary and Health and Goverment Operations Committee TOMORROW! That is Friday, March 29th.


If SB 281 gets a FAVORABLE Committee Vote, it will be on the House Floor on Monday, April 1st. Typically what happens then is that the bill will get special ordered for the next day, for the purpose of allowing time for the Amendments to be drafted. It is likely that floor debate could then take place on either Tuesday, April 2nd or Wednesday, April 3rd.

Come to Annapolis tomorrow at 10 am and sit in the balcony of the House Chamber. This is having an effect!
Immediately following Session make way to the Judiciary Committee Room en masse. Some of you may benifit by going directly to the Committee room instead of going to session, so that we can ensure the seats are filled with gun rights activists.
Be prepared to return on every day next week until the vote is taken on the Floor. We will update daily as to the status, and the start time of Session for the following day.
Share to your facebook and forward this to anyone who cares about this issue.

Thank you for your continued and tireless efforts. I am proud to stand by your side as we fight this battle to preserve the very rights that our Founders knew to be our birthrights!

Constitutionally Yours,

Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.

Maryland General Assembly

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