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Hi Polyphemus,

Mr. Baer told me the gun should smoothe out after about 250 rounds. Les Baer guns are built very tight and need a break in period. He told me that they usually shoot around 80 rounds out of them at the factory for testing. He mentioned that the Winchester White box stuff is loaded pretty light but did not specify what other brands of ammo I should use.

I do not have the tools to test the extraction tension so I could not do that yet. I figured I'd call the manufacturer first and follow their suggestions. I will certainly call them back if I keep getting nailed in the forehead with casings after the break in period.

The only thing I would consider doing to the gun is have a fiber optic front sight put on since it is hard to see the black on black. I will keep you guys up to date on how things progress. Thanks for all of the advice!
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