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Quoted directly from the Q and A in Field and Stream

Q: Beyond the classic argument of "you can get ammunition anywhere," what are the advantages of the .30/06 over newer, more efficient cartridges?
-Pacific Hunter
From the Gun Nuts Blog

A: I don't know of any cartridge as efficient, new or otherwise, as the .30/06, never mind more efficient. When you weigh the range of game it will take, its relatively low level of recoil, a limitless variety of ammo, and comparatively low cost, I can't think of anything that matches the .30/06, much less surpasses it. The only cartridges that come close are the .270 Winchester and the .338 Winchester Magnum, but each has its drawbacks that the '06 lacks.

Answer provided by David Petzal.

I thought it was funny, 'cause it's true.

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