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Decisions decisions...

I'm working on buying a M1 Garand, and I'm already looking at my next gun. Arent we all like that?

Anyway, the M1 is probably going to get some pretty decent work (I dont pamper my guns, I use them), but it wont be sub-M.O.A., since I plan to leave it mostly stock.

I'm looking at a Howa 1500, becuase I have heard great things about them, and there is a gun store around me that sells them for a reasonable price. Thats already decided.

Which leads me to my question. Should I buy one in .30-06, or 7mm Rem Mag?
I am planning to handload for my Garand since its picky about hot ammo, so it would save me money becuase I would only need 1 set of dies, but I also like the incredibly flat trajectory of the 7mm (My dad has one). Plus, I don't have enough guns to start doubling up on calibers yet.

So, what do I do? What would you do?

Ken B.
Just a young guy that likes old cars and straight shooting guns
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