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Demetrius - An AK/AKM 47's accuracy is "good enough for government work." The cinder block breaking capabilities of the 7.62X39 round, is superior to that of the 5.56X45 round.

You can jam the AK47/AK74's...since I've jammed both of mine twice, by double shortstroking the charging handle twice --- which leaves a live round stuck in the receiver behind the trigger group --- that causes the charging handle/bolt carrier to freeze up --- the only remedy is to field strip the gun, and remove the stuck live round.

I would not buy a Polish Tantal AK74, because Century's barrel metal is known to be rather soft that is easily worn out. Green Mountain...has proposed to make new barrels for the Tantal.

I traded my Tantal...and bought a Saiga AKM74, that comes with a modified forearm and a modified bolt hold open button on the upper right rear side of the trigger guard. It is a very fast shooter.

If the UN gun ban goes into effect {I'm assuming that it won't} might nix your chance of getting an AK --- so I would advise you to buy an AK at all costs --- while you still have the time.



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