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Originally Posted by AK71
1) No manual safety besides the grip safety
That's one more than a Glock. It's also one less safety that you'll have to worry about. Most revolvers also have no "external, mechanical safety."
Originally Posted by AK71
2) The slide is a little tough and it is SA-only
Are you set on SA/DA?
Originally Posted by AK71
3) It seems to my unfamiliar eyes a little wide for CC but that is with zero experience carrying. I'm close to just getting a solid leather holster just to see how it feels if that is a good plan.
See if you can run down the width on that. In really doubt that it's any wider than most Glocks.

Getting a good holster and a good belt will go a long way towards making carry more comfortable.

Also consider simply getting one of the XD compact models. They're a little smaller, but will use the same manual of arms.

ETA: Remember, I don't have a dog in the fight as to what you buy or don't buy. It just strikes me that you've got a perfectly serviceable pistol right now. If it's a simple matter that you want to try something else, that's a perfectly good reason to go shopping.
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