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After 42 years of reloading I to have better things to than loading 800 rounds of pistol rounds on a single stage press, but for someone starting out in the art of reloading, a single stage is the best way to learn. Or you could go with a LEE Classic Turret press and use it single stage until you get the jest of it then put the indexing rod back in it and load semi-progressive.

Good luck finding a press right now though.

It is the best of both worlds for a beginner and is a very versatile press.
It won't break the bank and will always be a good secondary press after you move to a auto-progressive of some kind.

I don't load for shotguns so I can't speak of that, but I've heard good things about MEC presses for that. To me shot shells don't cost enough to make me want to reload them.
But that's just me.
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