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A black powder shooter gave me his father's Marlin 39 Centennial 22 lever action last month; since I guess he figured I gave him a good deal on an extra Ruger Old Army pistol that I had.

So about 1,500 rounds fired downrange, I've jammed it twice, which might be due to my lackluster lever action skills: The lever being stuck/frozen in the far outward position, and a live 22lr round stuck in the receiver. The problem is that you can't see the live 22 round that is stuck in the receiver, when you look into the narrowly gapped ejection port.

I had to fish for the live round {through the open ejection port} with a small jewelers screwdriver/short end of a small allen wrench --- wiggle one of them around in the receiver --- till the live round slowly pops up into the ejection port.

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