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Only you can prevent...

a poor gun purchase

My goal is to get a list of things I should NOT make a part of my next gun purchase option list. After reading these boards and trying to ingest all the information out there, I've come to the conclusion there are too many options and specifications for me to make the "perfect" decision. However, I'm hoping to get a more manageable amount of information to steer clear of which will make me more efficient and spontaneous when a good option does come up. So please throw out any gun makers/models and/or gun specifications to avoid for my next purchase given these parameters:

1) My goal is a good, reliable HD gun and an EDC. I am fine with - and would prefer in the short term - one that does both so I can focus on mastering one gun since I am so new to the gun world.

2) I have an XD9 that works well, but I have nothing to compare it to. I would be perfectly happy to make it my only gun but it seems less than ideal for EDC. And in truth I am becoming obsessed with all these great guns you guys own and want a new one!

3) I'm 6'2 and don't really like subcompact guns because they feel wrong. Compacts are probably fine but might need an extended grip if my hand extends much below the bottom.

4) I would prefer not to hear about specific guns you don't like but rather ones that have known problems or obvious limitations for my needs. Broad categories of guns or easily identifiable specifications at a LGS would be most helpful (e.g. DA-only, over 4" barrel).

5) I will break my own rule and mention that my budget is under $1000 and $800 would be better. If you have the "perfect" gun(s) for my situation I'm not going to ignore any recommendations.

Sorry for the long post and thank you for all your expertise!
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