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I live in a "closed" primary state. I am not a Democrat. Oregon Democrats hold a majority 16 seats in the senate and there are 4 Democratic representatives in Congress. These 20 elected individuals (with one exception) are not "gun friendly."

I suspect that most of these folks (who are currently backing, proposing and voting for restrictive and onerous firearm laws) will be coming up for re-election. I suspect that there will be other Democrats who will be attempting to unseat them via a win during the primaries. Although these Democratic challengers may have similar opinions when it comes to firearms and the 2nd amendment, they will have no vote regarding the current proposed legislation heading to congress.

Over the years I've sent hundreds of letters and emails. I don't recall a single Democrat having the courtesy to respond. My supposition is that I wasn't of the "correct" party affiliation or was not in their district. On the other hand, the Republicans did respond, although not all of them.

I do plan on sending letters in regards to Reid's Senate Bill 649 to each of these Democrats. I will also inform them that I'm changing my party affiliation to Democrat in order to vote in the primary. I will be giving one vote to anyone who challenges to unseat the incumbent. The only way to remove these politicians is to vote them out. Apparently the only way to vote them out is to play political games.

If a million pro-gun Republicans became a million registered pro-gun Democrats we would have a stronger voice in this issue.
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