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My favorite training scenario and why - whats yours?

This is a steel falling plate scenario. The distances to the plate are up to you and your insurance provider :-)

One student is the "reactor" the other the "stimulus" This is designed primarily for protective services training but it applies to must advanced shooters.

This is NOT for beginning students for obvious reasons.

the pace is set by the shooters themselves. The shooter forward of the firing line starts in a neutral position with hands off his gun. The shooter behind the firing line is the same.

The shooter forward of the firing line (stimuls) will try to fake out the the shooter behind the firing line (reactor) by going for his gun and causing the reactor to clear his holster without a clean presentation by the stimulus.

once the stimulus clears and presents - game on - the reactor will attempt to clear his plates before the stimlus.

here is why i like this one

its force on force
it teaches using the peripheral vision
it gets the shooter watching the hands
it has a element of strategy to it on both sides
it can be done without a line coach or pro timer - self stimulus

comments ? whats your favorite scenarios?

oh -- switch sides for left handed stimulus shooter
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