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Who made my new 1851 Navy?

I have acquired a brass frame 1851 Navy with plain cylinder. Similar to the Schneider & Glassick models talked about here:

It was made in 1974 and has a manufacturer's mark I have not seen: C.O.M.

The rest is the standard: CAL .36 NAVY MODEL - MADE IN ITALY
on one side of the barrel and
BLACK POWDER ONLY on the lower facet if the octagon on the other side.

No marks on the frame between the grips. It has the "XXX" for 1974 and the 2 proof house marks.

I assume I need #10 caps and the correct load is 20 to 22 grs. with a .375 ball.

I would love to figure out what type of nipple wrench I need, etc.

If you need some additional pictures let me know.

Thanks for looking.
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