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We all have I understand your approach...

But keeping a gun you like - even if you're not shooting it / doesn't cost you anything to feed it ! So I wouldn't get rid of something you like - regardless of whether its a .22 / 9mm / .45 acp / .357 mag or whatever....

Too often on the forum someone responds with - yeah, they're great guns, I used to have one, sorry I ever sold it - not it'll cost me $ 500 more to buy another one than what I sold it for ....
I try not to buy on an emotional whim...and buy what I truly love to own. But I am guilty of buying a gun I really like - even if I already have one / just because its a great deal. So over the years I've ended up with a variety of 1911's - in a variety of calibers - some I shoot all the time, some I hardly ever shoot / even some outright duplicates ( a pair of model 19 S&W revolvers in 4", Nickel, .357 mag ...and a pair of model 66's, stainless 4", in .357 mag )....and some of these "extra guns", I'll pass down to adult kids in the family one of these days....but out of 50 or so handguns / most of the time, I shoot the same 5 or 6 guns.../ so logically having 50 guns make little sense..../ but I've kept them anyway ( and they've been purchased over the last 40yrs or so, not just in last 1 or 2 yrs.

So I am starting to sell some of my duplicates that I rarely shoot ...(like one of my 1911's in .45 acp - but I have two I like better ) ....and one of my model 19's ...because I like one better...../ but I'm not willing to sell a one of a kind gun, that I really love, regardless of what its worth on the market - just because I haven't shot it in awhile ( like a model 29-2 S&W, .44 mag, 8 3/8" barrel, Nickel finish).....

If I needed the money ...I might change my mind...I don't know. But I think I'd really regret selling any unique guns in my collection...and I'd earn the money I needed some other way.

But whatever works best for you, is what you ought to do.
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